Aesthetics & Values, The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum FIU, 2018

by Jennifer Basile
by, Gonzalo Fuenmayor
by, Gonzalo Fuenmayor
video of the show

Aesthetics & Values

Summary of Exhibition

The Aesthetics & Values seminar of the FIU Honors College examines the vital role visual art plays in the social and cultural dialogue surrounding controversial issues. It investigates how artists have challenged or enforced authority by creating new aesthetics. The heart of the course is the Aesthetics & Values Research and Exhibition Project. This annual project provides students with the opportunity to demonstrate their resourcefulness and creativity through the research, curation, and organization of an on-campus exhibition of contemporary Miami artists.

Since August 2005, John William Bailly’s Aesthetics & Values of the FIU Honors College has immersed students in Miami’s contemporary art world. The class has curated 13 exhibitions, collaborated with multiple artists, and provided a museum exhibition platform for Miami’s exceptional artists. 

Image caption: Gonzalo Fuenmayor, Cancion para Alfredo Jaar’s Logo for America, 2015, Charcoal on paper, 33 x 26 inches, Courtesy of the Artist and Dot Fiftyone Gallery

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The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum FIU at Florida International University

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We hope you can get a chance to see this show, very interesting.


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