“TE MANDO FLORES” Luis Padreda-Campos 2021

Luis Padreda- Camos

“TE MANDO FLORES” Luis Padreda-Campos 2021


MSA-Experimenta V SPACE

It is with enthusiasm that we present the exhibition of Luis Padreda-Campos, one of our collaborators/participants in the physical MSA Space since 1985.

luis having Café
Luis having Café

We have known Luis for many years.  Luis is an artist and an avid art viewer.  He has been working in his art form since he was a child.  From his new artwork, well out of the thousands, he provided us with 5 images for this show where we can appreciate his mixed media at work.

MSA- eXperimental Virtual Space
MSA- eXperimental Virtual Space

Luis is also an avid collector, an acquirer of images from publications in the media, magazines books newspapers, and the internet, all that ended up on his table were he will rearrange recomposes reconceptualizes, reformated and most likely face the guillotine of his scissors, then will be taped, pasted, glued, painted, varnished, riped up and reassembled.  Then photocopied, re photocopied, this may go on for months until he feels that it is done.

We have somewhat recreated his space, where he works, but the cat is missing, we thank Luis for his time and for his amazing work.


Art Work

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