Connectivity Selections from the Collection of the Frost Art Museum, 2018






Selections from the Collection of the Frost Art Museum

Through five thematic sections, Connectivity: Selections from the Collection of the Frost Art Museum examines how art objects, created across cultures and during different time periods, relate to one another and to myriad publics. In the first section, the notion of individuality emanates through an examination of portraiture and different representations of the figure. The exhibition explores shifting notions of dress and comparative elements such as gesture and pose. The second section considers belief systems, with an emphasis on myths and organized religions. Abstract languages comprise the third section and offer an opportunity to analyze works that implement color, line, and form in dynamic ways. Whether it is a longing for home or the memory of a cherished street corner, geographic spaces examines how the notion of place serves as a creative catalyst. The final section reflects on this particular moment and evokes the effects of war, climate change, and the general uneasiness of a citizenry during turbulent times.

Connectivity shares recent gifts celebrates the collection’s treasures and includes rarely seen objects from the vaults collected over the past 40 years since the museum’s inception in 1978. Select objects featured in the installation will be rotated periodically.

Excellent Show, a must see!