Conde Contemporary, “Lucky 13”

Conde Contemporary

MSA-eXperimental wants to thank the gallery and their staff for there help in our visite.

Conde Contemporary, “Lucky 13”

a group exhibition of international artists from France, Mexico, Cuba, the US, Chile, and Spain, at Conde Contemporary on Friday, March 13th from 6:00 – 9:00 pm.

Conde Contemporary,
Conde Contemporary,

“Lucky 13” features two of the most important living Cuban artists José Bedia and Ruben Torres Llorca, (both of whom will be in attendance), as well as a performance piece by Norberto Rodriguez who is visiting from LA. In fact, the vast majority of artists participating, will be in attending the opening.

Conde Contemporary,
Conde Contemporary,

The exhibition features works by : Darian Mederos, Andres Conde, José Bedia, Luis Enrique Toledo del Rio, Ruben Torres Llorca, Luis Rodriguez Noa, César Orrico, Françoise de Felice, Marion Sulkin, Ernesto Capdevila, Kevin Sloan, Pablo Santibáñez Servat and an interactive performance by Nor(bert)o Rodriguez.

Nor(bert)o Rodriguez

Norberto Rodriguez
b. 1975
Miami, Florida

Conde Contemporary, "Lucky 13"
Conde Contemporary, “Lucky 13”

“Hi. I’m Norberto Rodriguez. I’m an artist + my life is art.
The devil and the details. A series of projects where I work to keep myself alive using the skills my father
taught me. Kind of like Task Rabbit but cooler because it’s made with art inside of it. In addition to the hired work, each project includes copies of all sharable documentation, any artifacts / objects that may have been produced, a tool from the artists’ tool kit for public display along with a signed certificate of authenticity.

I’ve been creating + performing art in public all over the world with museums, institutions, galleries, agencies, brands + corporations as an artist + communicator for most of my life.

In 1995, I married a total stranger off the street for a year as a project for my painting class. In 2008, I had a clearance sale of all my work just before hosting intimate, private conversations in public for the Whitney Biennial + was planted like a tree for the opening of a retrospective a the Bass Museum. I produced a bunch of really amazing shows, projects + exhibitions along the way but, in 2013, I quit. In 2015, I opened up my home as a museum which hosted public hours, a gift shop, a cafe + a #NightsAtTheMuseum program through Airbnb. The Bert Rodriguez Museum partnered with Ebay to auction items from the museum’s permanent collection + on May 31, 2016, I died.

Since then, I performed a two-hour stand-up show at the Improv Hollywood, opened the Museum of Meaning + lived in a store in a luxury mall during Art Basel Miami Beach. I’m currently working on a few projects named after my parents, auctioning off all my material possessions, developing A school of thought, + becoming the first publicly traded artist in history.

I’d really love to work for you.”

Norberto Rodriguez will be in Miami from March 3rd – 30th. Contact us to book your task with Bert and participate in this revolutionary art project today.

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