Entrevista “interview” : Jose Marcano ( b. 1958, Puerto Rico ) En su estudio, 2018 ,Miami, Florida

Jose Marcano
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The work of marcano (b. 1958, Puerto Rico) is deeply centered in his social and emotional experiences, including his long history of life conflicts interactions. His paintings, sculptures, photography and poetry address these fraught circumstances with elegance and a poetic sensibility that balances the gravitas of his subjects with subtle passion informality. Rather than making literal representations of live it self or traumas, marcano’s artworks convey a sense of an absent, missing body and evoke a collective sense of loss and despair. The resulting pieces engage with multiple dualities at once strength and fragility, the ephemeral and the enduring and bear elements of healing and reparation in the careful process of their making. marcano grounds his art in rigorous life experiences and colors, which involves alot of research and introspective. This process imbues his work with an intimate connection to the personal that speaks to collective experiences and universal emotions. In more recent years, marcano has created a large-scale series of monochromatic work of weft , his latest experience with youth ,sex, intimacy the dialogue of non senses the incomprehensible fact of time of life itself. Jose Marcano can be described as many things: sculpture, poet, photographer, painter; though there are many facets that make up this multidisciplinary Puerto Rican artist, it is his form of expression that captivates his viewers. Emotively charged entries chronicle the tension, and passions for the day-to-day using color as the sensory tool. His work envelops all energy, in the vulnerable endeavor of expressing the unexplainable. Meditative lines and beating spirals make their way in his new series. Gazing at these monumental black and white charcoal drawings is akin to witnessing an unscripted chant take its place on the canvas. Where passion always surpasses reason, Marcano’s keen sensibility to the human condition makes his work resonate that which is seemingly personal yet universally relatable

MSA-X had the great pleasure of visiting Jose Marcano, a Puerto Rican artist now settled in Miami. He talked about the love of art, the situation of the art on the island, and some memories of the past of this lovely place. We want to thank Jose for his time, the opportunity to see his work, and for the café.