Elizabeth Robles “Informe” Liga de Arte San Juan, Puerto Rico 2010

sculpture by Elizabeth Robles

We will start with this,

Aruspex or haruspex.

One of the class of diviners among the Etruscans and Romans, who foretold events by the inspection of the entrails of victims offered on the altars of the gods.

Wow, now here we are with Elizabeth Robles. Now I may get personal, ok no, this work is internal, looking at that which is hard to look at and many will not accept, so the work at times recalls that viscera which we hold inside, when one can separate that initial perception the supple colors of the paraffin wax material which has the ability to show it under paint, and at times, the artist will introduce steel to wax which create a contrast in media. This show is definite a must see, don’t miss it, thanks Elizabeth.

One of the concerns of the artist was not having the ability to show here because her work has been neglected by the commercial and most institutions on the island.  We find that in our “island colony” we have a hard time dealing with the internal and prefer to look at the superficial.   We have known of Elizabeth Robles work for sometime now and are very happy that her work now is available for inspection by the “colony” that so much has tried to suppress her.


video of the show