Colectiva de profesores, Liga de Arte de San Juan, 2010

obra de Nora Quintero “detalle”


Here we are in San Juan visiting La Liga de Arte de San Juan, Puerto Rico and a show cases for the profesers of the institution some very good work, to see it for your self visit the space, and get a fist hand look at the work, the artist are, Joseph Candelaria, Luis Ivorra, Roxanna Jordánm, Alina De Lourdes Luciano Reyes, Luis Maisonet Ramos, Jose R. Osorio Bulerín, Betsy Padín, Marnie Pérez Moliere, Raquel Quijano Feliciano, Nora Quintero, José Angel Quiñones, Josefina Ramos Rosa, Hiram Rosado Poupart, Juan Ramón Velázquez





video of the show
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