MSA-X 2019 coverage of Kendall Art Center / Rodríguez Collection, Miami

Kendall Art Center / Rodríguez Collection

MSA-X 2019 coverage of Kendall Art Center / Rodríguez Collection

Kendall Art Center / Rodríguez Collection, 2019 We thank, Leonardo Rodríguez and Henry Ballate, and the gallery staff for there kind help, we also thank the artist for there creative phenomena.

The Repeating Island / Contemporary Art of the Caribbean, Kendall Art Center, 2019

Kendall Art Center in collaboration with Presencia Projects, The Mestre Family Collection and The Rodríguez Collection presents, “The Repeating Island: Contemporary Art of the Caribbean”. Curated by Roxana M. Bermejo, ...the exhibition examines particular artistic practices in Cuba, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. For this edition of Miami Art Week 2019, Presencia arrives at Kendall Art Center with more comprehensive projects that explore contemporary Insular Caribbean Hispanic art, either produced on the islands, or in diaspora. “The Repeating Island” demonstrates the rich and diverse cultures of the Hispanic Caribbean Islands with works by, Henry Ballate, José Bedia, Toni Capellán, Miguel Conesa-Osuna, Antonio Cortés, Bladimir Díaz, Pedro Ávila, José Tomás Ares Germán, Antonio Guadalupe, Ivonne Ferrer, Moises Fragela, Clara Ledesma, Edwin Maurás, Edwin Maurás Jr, Abdías Méndez, Manuel Mendive, Hiram Montalvo, José Félix Moya, Ramón Oviedo, José Perdomo, Aimee Perez, Ciro Quintana, Naimar Ramírez, Lisyanet Rodriguez, Annie Y. Saldana, Irene Sierra, Reynerio Tamayo, Rosa Tavarez, José Torres and Rubén Torres-Llorca.

​Special Presentation: Aimée Joaristi “MANIFIESTO PÚBICO MP” Introduced by Andrés Isaac Santana, MP is presented as a collective act executed by women who intervene in the city marking a static territory, structural axis of society.


Three-time Grammy nominees and Sony Music Latin artists…The Negroni’s Trio is an intimate ensemble that performs on stages throughout the world including many U.S. and international Jazz festivals as well as numerous key Jazz venues throughout the United States, Japan, Spain, Italy, South America, the Caribbean, Latin America.

Friday, Nov 29, 2019 6:00PM-11PM
The exhibition will continue until Jan 31, 2020
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The KAC vision is to be an active participant of the art community in South Florida and abroad while provide education and awareness in the visual arts.

The Rodriguez Collection is privately funded by Leo Rodrigues and he’s family. It is one of the Miami’s largest, privately owned Cuban contemporary art collections. Leo began buying and selling works of art from the last decade of the 20th century, and established its Permanent Collection in 1994 and now numbers approximately 200 works. The collection reflects significant artistic developments in contemporary art by established artists from Cuba, U.S. and abroad.

The collection is constantly expanding and features such well-known artists as Cundo Bermúdez, Jose Bedia, Pedro Vizcaíno, Néstor Arenas, Manuel Mendive, Silvio Gaytón, Vicente Dopico Lerner, Aisar Jalil, Pedro Avila Gendis, José Orbeín, Ahmed Gómez, Geandy Pavón, Angel Delgado, Ciro Quintana, Jose María Mijares and Gina Pellón.

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