“A FRAGMENTED ANOMALY” Teo Freytes and Luis Padreda, EdgeZone Miami, 2010




Teo Freytes and Luis Padreda

Edge Zone Miami Art Center is delighted to host Teo Freytes and Luis Padreda exhibition “A FRAGMENTED ANOMALY”.

In this exhibition the artists will display video, digital art work from Teo Freytes and collages from Luis Padreda.

Teo Freytes, whose art practice spans over 30 years, was one of the first artists to use digital tools as an artistic medium. He is a well known and prolific artist who lives in Puerto Rico, where his works are part of the collection of the Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Museo de la Universidad de Puerto Rico and local and international collectors. Teo’s art works includes painting, sculpture, photos, engraving, performance . In recent years he has focused almost mainly on digital art, creating a self-reflexive comment on the construction of images. He was also one of the founders of MSA Experimental Space in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He also hostshttp://msa-x.msa-x.org/.

Luis Padreda a solo artist, for his apparent absences in the art scene, but a present spirit in his observations of the ever present image around use. His collages an interesting melee of cut outs reassembled and re-reassembled will delight and confuse the way you think, and see.

Reception: Saturday, July 10-31, 2010 Meet the Artists: 7:00 – 10:00 PM

Edge Zone
Art Center – Miami

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video of the show









Luis Padreda “still life”