The Inspired Dream | Contemporary Australian Aboriginal Art

This expo at Diana Lowenstein Fine Arts, Miami was one we where waiting for the poetic spirit of Aborifinal art has always inspiered us.

The Inspired Dream | Contemporary Australian Aboriginal Art

Although Aboriginal art has only been internationally recognized as a significant movement for the past forty years, its history is long and integral to the work by the present-day artists included in this exhibition.  They are Betty Mbitjana, Michelle Possum, Walangkura Napanangka, George Ward Tjungurrayi, Bill Willi King, Abie Loy Kemarre, Dolly Mills Petyarre, Ningura Napaurrula, Takariya Napaltjari, Gabriella Possum Nungurrayi and Jeannie Petyarre.

As has occurred elsewhere, the indigenous people of Australia have been marginalized in their own land for much of recent history.  Changes began to arise in the 1960’s and 1970’s that served as a catalyst for the discovery by the Western world of the art produced by a multitude of communities located throughout the continent.

It is an art based on belief systems unique to Australia, which often refer to the Dreamtime in which creation took place.  This Dreamtime involved travels of the creation ancestors, journeys that continue to be followed today along Dream paths that lead to important sites all over the country.  In this manner, the art is linked not only to the Aboriginal people and history, but to the land itself.  The distinctive symbols and designs stem from this tradition.  Each artist is tied to this tradition culturally and artistically while still creating their own individual art.

Also in the project room, Kevin Hart | Line of Action, very intricate drawing with fine details.

Project Room: Kevin Hart | Line of Action


In my work, lines of action help me generate drawing intuitively as well as through shapes and patterns found in many walks of life and cultures. Whether this process emerges from an obsessive compulsive disorder is a legitimate question. Ultimately, though, my goal is to relax viewers and to provoke in them an almost hypnotic state through the explorations of multiple, interconnected forms.

In these pieces I am not trying to dazzle with brilliance, baffle anyone with long winded rhetoric, or generate dialogue via shock art. I just want to make work that can be enjoyed with no exclusions. These pieces are all hand drawn and the backgrounds are either water color, oil paints, or more pen work.  As time passes the foundations of my work have stayed the same, yet new ideas and methods are constantly being implemented in an attempt to make each piece unique.

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