Here we are at De La Cruz Collection, this space was very large it is interesting that in this new mode of collector creating spaces to house there collection and giving the general public the opportunity to see the art that may other wise be hard to fine and access, we love that they had Felix Gonzalez Torres work, and Ana Mendieta and found the young people that work there to be very helpful. Here is a statement by the space.

This new space will house the personal collection of Rosa and Carlos de la Cruz and will serve as an extension of their home, which has been available for public viewing for the past fifteen years. The collection focuses on international contemporary art. The opening of the inaugural exhibit coincides with Art Basel/Miami Beach 2009. This new three-story, 30,000 sq. ft. space designed by John Marquette, will also include project rooms that will rotate throughout the year. One of the project rooms will provide a forum for local artists to display their works. This art space will have a strong educational component. A reading and research center with selections from the de la Cruz’s personal art library will open to the local community, artists and students. Throughout the year the program and lecture series will concentrate on creating public awareness of art history and contemporary art practices.

here is the space web site De La Cruz Collection


video of the show